The growth in the electronics industry over the last few decades has been enabled by the rapid progress of semiconductor technology which has kept pace with the ever demanding market requirements. The demand for innovative and improved technologies have led to SoC’s becoming increasingly complex and smaller in size with each passing day. This enormous IC capacity provides the opportunity to embed more functionality into the products, without compromising on the quality.


IoT Platform – Empowering Connected Future

Robust and Comprehensive Digital Platform for IoT, where things, services and data come together to provide newer insights and experiences

Hardware Platforms

Highly Efficient and Developed to achieve Optimal Performance.

DDR IP Portfolio

Robust, Flexible and Customized IPs that assures increased System Performance

Networking IPs

Designed specifically for Time-critical applications to process high volume transactions


Arastu Systems provides high quality and value added product engineering services through silicon engineering and software engineering. Our team of engineers are skilled across wide range of tools, technologies and Agile methodologies. Also carry extensive experience working with customers in multiple domains. With in-house IP development capability, we are able to customize our services at various development stages.

ASIC Services
Complete Front-end digital services right from Architectural Development to Static Timing Analysis. Arastu co-works with customers in every stage of the frontend chip design flow.
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FPGA Prototyping
Bring on table Best of methodology and Implementation expertise, that assists customers design team to tape out first time silicon success. We follow four step approach which includes,
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IoT Services
Flexible engagement model that offers experienced and competent resources for your IoT product development.
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Cloud Services
Robust and mature cloud enablement approach which helps customer envisage the roadmap for successful enablement and adoption of cloud computing technologies.
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Full Stack Development
Developing the compelling applications requires a full stack approach. Our full-stack developers are an exceptional group of experienced engineers with strong backgrounds in data structures, algorithms and object-oriented programming.
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Platform Modernization
Includes re-architecting, re-engineering, re-hosting, interoperability, replacement or retirement. It addresses the migration of legacy systems to new platform including integration with new functionality.
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Are you the one who looks at everything in life from the perspective of, “how does this work?”; When you see something do you tell yourself, “I can make that better”; Would you like to work on “stuff that matters”? Does it excite you to get exposure to real movers and shakers in the industry? How about having a fair amount of discretion and control over your work?

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