IoT Platform – Empowering Connected Future

Arastu Systems have developed a Robust and Comprehensive Digital Platform for IoT, where things, services and data come together to provide newer insights and experiences. Arastu’s IoT Platform is geared to enhance revenue model, create opportunity for new business models and showcase distance among your competitors and your company.

Connected Things
Stay connected and get real-time insights on your data. Connected Things gives in-depth knowledge that comes from your business specific data and can provide unseen, granular visibility into all aspects of the fleet of assets, a supply chain and a plant floor.

Application Specific Gateway
Arastu’s IoT Gateway enables data acquisition across a wide range of ingestion methods like BLE, WiFi, Modbus and Ethernet. The application specific gateway is aimed to help transition from legacy to automation. It provides customized form-factor design and faster prototyping for your requirements.

Remote Monitoring
A single platform to monitor and manage geographically diverse sites. The platform enables remote device management oversight, tracking, provisioning, activation, suspending and de-activation, location, and access to customer support. Real-time health check of devices to analyze performance and evaluate overall costs. Smart alerts and notification allows businesses to keep tabs on devices and anomalies.

Operation Optimization
Arastu’s IoT Insight Analytics provides actionable insight to process, resource and efforts. It helps companies understand the data collected by these devices, which assists with Decreased Business Expenditure, Reduction in Production Outages, Monitor Downtime and Improved Business Operations. These insights can be presented on real-time basis through mobile apps, web apps and consumable APIs.

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