Bala Raaj

Bala brings 18 years of experience in ASIC/FPGA/SOC Verification in various semiconductor start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, such as Vitesse Semiconductor, Teradiant Networks, Level 5 Networks, Cisco, Texas Instruments, NetXen, Audience, Pliant Technologies, Qlogic, Solarflare communications, Maxim Integrated, Infinera, Juniper Networks.He has successfully managed multiple projects and handled multi- generation ASIC/ FPGA projects, SOC with embedded processors, Big- Analog-Small-D designs, and multiple low power designs through the complete verification cycle from planning, infrastructure setup, methodology definition and implementation to tapeout.He has in-depth experience in various application technologies such as Networking, Audio, ARM Processors/protocol, Flash, SSD, Wireless modem and various interconnect technologies such as NVMe, PCIe, SATA, SAS.