IoT Platform – Empowering Connected Future


Arastu Systems have developed a Robust and Comprehensive Digital Platform for IoT, where things, services and data come together to provide newer insights and experiences. Arastu’s IoT Platform is geared to enhance revenue model, create opportunity for new business models and showcase distance among your competitors and your company.

Connected Things
Stay connected and get real-time insights on your data. Connected Things gives in-depth knowledge that comes from your business specific data and can provide unseen, granular visibility into all aspects of the fleet of assets, a supply chain and a plant floor.

Application Specific Gateway
Arastu’s IoT Gateway enables data acquisition across a wide range of ingestion methods like BLE, WiFi, Modbus and Ethernet. The application specific gateway is aimed to help transition from legacy to automation. It provides customized form-factor design and faster prototyping for your requirements.

Remote Monitoring
A single platform to monitor and manage geographically diverse sites. The platform enables remote device management oversight, tracking, provisioning, activation, suspending and de-activation, location, and access to customer support. Real-time health check of devices to analyze performance and evaluate overall costs. Smart alerts and notification allows businesses to keep tabs on devices and anomalies.

Operation Optimization
Arastu’s IoT Insight Analytics provides actionable insight to process, resource and efforts. It helps companies understand the data collected by these devices, which assists with Decreased Business Expenditure, Reduction in Production Outages, Monitor Downtime and Improved Business Operations. These insights can be presented on real-time basis through mobile apps, web apps and consumable APIs.

Industries We Serve,


DDR4 NVDIMM Controller


Data Retention is imperative for all industries in the existing world. In the event of system crash or power failure, nonvolatile memory products such as NVDIMM (Non Volatile Dual Inline Memory Module) can assist with timely recovery. Arastu Systems has developed a robust and flexible DDR4 NVDIMM Controller and target to make the integration of DDR4 NVDIMM into your SoC a smooth one. The design IP supports industry standard AHB/AXI master, however, can be customized as per customer’s requirement. It is optimized for ASIC as well as FPGA designs.

Product Brief

Hardware Platforms


Embedded Board design is a critical aspect of any electronic product, as one needs to take care of aesthetics as well as functional requirement for the design. Arastu Systems’ team having Hand-On expertise and experience working with multiple embedded/hardware designs have developed an products which caters to multiple applications.

LPDDR3/4 DRAM Memory Controller


High-end computing applications requires Higher Performance keeping the Power and Latency intact. On customer demand, after successful implementation of LPDDR4 Memory Controller, Arastu Systems have developed a LPDDR3/4 DRAM Memory Controller in order to support wide range of application using the same design. The design IP supports the industry standard AHB/AXI, however, can be customized as per customer’s requirement. The controller is optimized for ASIC and FPGA designs.

Product Brief

DDR IP Portfolio


Compute requirements are increasing rapidly in systems ranging from mobile devices to servers. These, often massively parallel architectures, put increasing requirements on memory bandwidth and latency. The memory system greatly impacts both system performance and power.

Memory controllers, which control the flow of data between CPU and memory, determine the response time of the requests made to memory and so play a critical role in assuring strong overall system performance.

A poorly designed memory controller can lead to inefficient use of the CPU memory interface, low utilization of the memory access bus, and large slowdowns in CPU performance in many applications. In contrast, a well-designed memory controller not only handles CPU memory requests efficiently, but can reorder them to exploit different degrees of parallelism available in modern DRAM systems, leading to a reduction in request latency and faster CPU performance. Furthermore, this improved sequence of memory accesses can lead to a reduction in energy used by the off-chip memory, which is often a significant fraction of overall system power.

Bearing in mind the market challenges, Arastu Systems offers,

DDR Memory Verification Components


Memory Interface is a critical part of the SoC. The power and performance demands will continue to increase, driving continued advances and evolution of the memory interfaces at the front to provide an enhanced experience. The designer community is confronted with challenges of delivering on these demands as the consumer market, and the mobile segment, in particular, continue to evolve. The increased complexity of SoC’s has led to a need for more advanced verification techniques to minimize the development risks.

Arastu Systems offers a comprehensive Low Power Verification Suite which is fully compliant to respective JEDEC standards and provides an effective & efficient way to verify the (LP)DDR components of an ASIC/FPGA or SoC.

Arastu’s comprehensive Low Power Verification Suite includes,

Networking IPs


The rapid expansion of automated and algorithmic trading has increased the critical role of network and server technology in market trading. A delay of even one second in transmission time can result in million dollars losses for many time-critical applications.

Arastu System understands the market requirements and offers Ethernet solutions which cater the low latency & high throughput markets in order to process high volume of transaction.

Upcoming Products


Arastu Systems have been proactively developing products in the area of Memory and its affiliated markets. We understand the challenge to meet the demands for more capacity, higher bandwidth & smarter utilization of memory for various applications.

Arastu Systems is also open to developing new products through collaborations. As business projects get larger, technology more expensive, and the costs of failure too large to be borne alone, businesses feel the need to work in joint developments. We, at Arastu, get encouraged to work with our partner to make them successful and fulfill our need. We know, the mutual benefits will lead to a successful partnership and product.

The company is well funded by a strong set of strategic and financial investors. Arastu is a team of proud and smart working Engineers led by visionary Industry Veterans.

We do share the detailed plan and roadmap under NDA. To know more, mail us at

(LP)DDR DFI PHY Functional Model

(LP)DDR DFI PHY Functional Model is fully compliant to respective DFI specifications and provides an effective and efficient way to verify the (LP)DDR components of an ASIC/FPGA system. It is a part of Arastu’s comprehensive low power verification suite which also includes (LP)DDR DRAM Memory Model and (LP)DDR DRAM Bus Monitor.

The DFI model is a digital model for DDR PHY. It is developed using SystemVerilog to facilitate seamless integration in any verification environment. Some of it features are as follows, ,

  • Supports all (LP)DDR control, command, data, update & error interface
  • Configurable date interface latency
  • Supports on-the-fly frequency change request
  • Support for all (LP)DDR training & related checkers
  • Clock disable support
  • Supports 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4 Memory Controller to PHY frequency ratio
  • Supports different topology in case of DIMM instantiation
  • Seamless integration with (LP)DDR Memory Controller

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