LPDDR3/4 DRAM Memory Controller

SoC designers who are planning to run the design at multiple speeds can leverage Arastu Systems’ LPDDR3/4 IP core and will have the benefit of supporting wide range of system application using the same design...

High-end computing applications requires Higher Performance keeping the Power and Latency intact. On customer demand, after successful implementation of LPDDR4 Memory Controller, Arastu Systems have developed a LPDDR3/4 DRAM Memory Controller in order to support wide range of application using the same design. The design IP supports the industry standard AHB/AXI, however, can be customized as per customer’s requirement. The controller is optimized for ASIC and FPGA designs.

Product Brief

  • Fully compliant with JEDEC standard JESD209-3C and JESD209-4B
  • Compliant with DFI3.1 and DFI4.0 PHY specifications
  • Configurable LPDDR DIMM Data Width
  • Supports Multiple Ranks through parameter
  • Supports all LPDDR3/4 commands and trainings
  • Support for In-line ECC
  • BL16 and On-the-fly (BL16/BL32) programmable burst lengths – (Specific to LPDDR4)
  • Support for BL8 read/write/mask-write commands – (Specific to LPDDR3)
  • Support Multiple frequencies
  • Self-Refresh, Auto Refresh and per bank refresh
  • Supports Self-Refresh Abort
  • Self-Refresh Power Down (SRPD), Power Down mode and Clock Stop
  • Deep Power Down mode – (Specific to LPDDR3)
  • Target Row Refresh (TRR) – (Optional)
  • Supports 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4 MC to PHY frequency ratio
  • Facilitates device temperature changes using configurable ReadInterval to modify Refresh rate
  • Maximizes DRAM bus utilization by implementing Look-Ahead command processing and Bank Management
  • Plug-and-Play to customized PIPE interface
  • Valuable add-on cores such as AHB/AXI, TRR, APB testbus available – (Optional)
  • Supports upto 8 system host interfaces
  • Programmable Priority/QoS based system bus interface
  • Optimized for minimum ASIC gate count
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Customization and Integration services
  • Expert Technical support with maintenance updates
  • Consumer Gadgets such as Smartphone, Tablet, Ultrabook, Gaming Consoles, Personal Navigation Systems etc.
  • Applications like ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Infotainment Systems in the Automotive segment
  • Graphic Processing market
  • Patient Monitoring Devices and Portable Ultrasound machines in the Healthcare segment