Connected Living – IoT Case Study for Smart Homes

Arastu Systems team assisted an OEM in Home Automation and Security industry to make their server-side platform scalable to support Million+ subscribers.

Arastu Systems developed an IoT Spplication service on Cloud for the Customer. Additionally, the team established IoT based connectivity for Sensors and Cameras.

Customer’s Needs:
A leader in security systems provider in the domain of Home Security wanted to make server-side platform scalable to support more than a Million Home Users, perform Remote Device Management and Smart Rule Engine for Edge Devices & Cloud.

How Arastu helped:

  • Leveraged Arastu’s IoT Framework Solution Accelerator
  • Developed IoT Application Services on Cloud
  • Designed IoT connectivity for Sensors, Gateway and Camera
  • IoT Device Management – Remote Firmware Upgrades and white-listing update, Remote Factory Reset and device Reboot
  • Rule Engine Integration and Third Party API Integration

Technology Utilized:
MEAN Stack – Node JS, MongoDB, Angular JS, React Native, MQTT, Python, BLE, WiFi, C, Nordic

Key Implemented Features:

  • Self Service Registration for Home User
  • Cloud based scalable and fault tolerant architecture
  • Supports BLE and WiFi based sensors and camera
  • IP camera with live-feed on mobile apps
  • Web & Mobile Apps for Automation and Security
  • Two-way communication and Event Notification
  • Remote Device Management includes Remote Firmware Upgrades
  • Device Cloning and Replacement through Portal
  • Secured Communication, OATH2 base Authentication
  • Edge and Cloud based Rule Engines
  • Certification and Integration with Third Party Apps