ASIC Services


Growing complexity of chip designs has challenged most experienced teams. The development schedule and performance vastly depend on early analysis of various IPs and its configuration. Arastu co-works with customers in every stage of the frontend chip design flow.

Arastu engineers are experienced to start from a high-level specification and take the design through the complete ASIC and FPGA implementation process. Our design team is well equipped to understand design specifications of various complexity, and take the design through the complete chip flow. We also value the need for a synergy with the Verification, Backend and Software team in order to spin out a high performance and power efficient product.

At Arastu, we can assist with,

  • Architectural Development
  • RTL Development and Integration
  • Synthesis and Static Timing Analysis
  • Verification and Validation

ASIC Verification

Verification remains the most significant bottleneck in getting advanced chips to market. We understand the significance of thoroughly verifying and hence work directly with the customer to deliver a comprehensive Verification suite. Our very skillful Verification team can plan and execute a Fully automated, Coverage driven, Random as well as Constrained stimulus generating, Flexible and Methodology based Verification Environment.

Our team possesses strong SystemVerilog and SystemC skills along with UVM and OVM knowledge. We can also adopt customer specific methodology for their legacy testbenches. In a nutshell, we have the following Verification related services to offer,

  • Customer specific VIP development
  • Functional Verification Services using SystemVerilog and SystemC
  • Coverage and Assertion based Verification to cut design flaws
  • Methodology driven verification using UVM and OVM in order to facilitate quick customization and hence reusability
  • Performance testing via SystemC Modelling
  • Fully Automated Debug trace capture and error reporting
  • Retrofitting legacy testbenches

IP Services

Growing number and complexity of IP blocks, that are being integrated into today’s SoC designs, have made the entire task arduous and challenging, especially when the IPs are unfamiliar to the team.

The success and the quality of a SoC largely depend on choosing the right set of IP blocks.

Arastu System’s team possesses the expertise and experience and can directly work with you System-level designers to help you create high quality reusable IP blocks using proven design reuse methodologies. Our engineer can contribute in,

  • Selecting and Qualifying the IP blocks based on your design specifications
  • Developing or Co-developing and Optimizing the IPs
  • Verifying the IPs using advanced verification techniques
  • Optimally Configuring and Integrating the IPs in the SoC

FPGA Prototyping


With billions of dollars being spent in spinning out ASICs, it is very crucial to ensure that the FPGA prototyping is done accurately. Arastu brings the best of methodology and implementation expertise on the table. Our highly skilled team can work hand in glove with the customer’s design team to tape out first time success, hence avoiding the event of a respin.

Our four step approach will include:

  • Feasibility study and developing prototyping methodology
  • Test environment development and integration assistance
  • Optimizing FPGA-based prototyping flow setup for RTL debug
  • Design and Develop connector Board like FMC for further validation

IoT Services


Our expert team provides IoT Services through Consulting, Integration and Competency Services. Our experience on IoT Device Management, IoT Data Management, IoT Platform Development help you to build industry strength solution.

Consulting: Our structured approach is to understand your business requirements, offer proof of concept to determine your IoT needs, accelerate your go-live or time to market. We identify problem areas and requirement of specific business unit or product and derive potential solution. Our goal is to make your IoT journey successful. We delivers:

  • Idea Definition
  • Strategy for desired business outcomes
  • Digital Transformation Approach
  • Proof of concept and Technology Road-map

Integration and Implementation: We offers integration services on off-the-shelf IoT platform, develop open source IoT platform, solution framework and accelerators for your product. We are expert in building device integration, device management, remote firmware upgrade, secure data management, rule engine integration, workflow management, multi-tenant application development. We develop and deliver:

  • Open Source IoT platform – Device management, Data Management and Analytics
  • Solution Framework and Accelerators
  • IoT Applications
  • Integration of IoT application with enterprise application

Competency Service: Our flexible engagement model offers experience and competent resources for your IoT product development. Our expert architect and engineers knows customer IoT platform development, integrate and deploy your IoT project on Amazon platform. Additionally we know how to develop these key IoT features:

  • IoT device management
  • IoT data management
  • IoT rule engine
  • IoT application services
  • RESTful API, Analytics
  • Mobile enablement

IoT Success Stories:

Cloud Services


Arastu is actively helping customer to adopt cloud technologies and leverage complete benefits of public and hybrid cloud through a set of services, methodologies and tools. We works with customers to help them understand potential drivers for cloud adoption and define a supporting business case to realize the full benefits of operating on a cloud environment. Arastu’s robust and mature cloud enablement approach helps customer envisage the roadmap for successful enablement and adoption of cloud computing technologies.

We adopt a three step approach to help you achieve cloud enablement,

  • Roadmap Definition
  • Building and Integration
  • Deployment and Optimization

Arastu offers the following services to make your cloud enablement successful,

Migration to AWS: Arastu’s competent and skilled team assists with transforming and migrating existing application to AWS Cloud and refractor them to keep application running with better performance. Arastu also know how to augment cloud capacity and optimize transformation project. Arastu having deep expiring with AWS platform services such as EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, Kinesis, SQS, SWF, CloudFront, CloudWatch, CloudTrail.

DevOps on Cloud: Arastu Systems provides services to make your applications scalable, reliable and make your developer more productive. We work with customer’s developer and IT operation teams to leverage tools and processes that makes your development process more efficient and drastically improves the software quality. Arastu provides help to create a pilot framework to kick-start implementation of standard DevOps setup. We also leverage your existing tools and integrate with either open source or enterprise tools to make continuous delivery successful.

Full Stack Development


Developing the compelling applications requires a full stack approach. Services that support agile environments with high quality and adaptable software. Our Engineers have extensive knowledge about everything from backend to frontend and design to deployment. Our full-stack developers are an exceptional group of experienced engineers with strong backgrounds in data structures, algorithms and object-oriented programming.

Arastu can assist you with,

  • Develop high-performant apps to represent your needs more efficiently
  • Modernize your existing system for generating more productive and effective business
  • Building responsive and user friendly web applications using JavaScript frameworks for development
  • Upgrade your web solution and integrate dynamic features
  • Core stack development services for providing an end to end solution for businesses

Arastu’s core expertise,
MEAN Stack:

  • MongoDB
  • Express JS
  • Angular JS
  • Node JS

Platform Modernization


Our Platform Modernization Services includes re-architecting, re-engineering, re-hosting, interoperability, replacement or retirement. It addresses the migration of legacy systems to new platform including the integration with new functionality. For the businesses to succeed in this digital era, it is essential for them to drive transformation with application modernization. This results in significantly higher responsiveness, which is often constrained due to legacy systems. The key challenges with legacy systems are:

  • The cost of ownership is high and maintenance is getting extremely difficult
  • Shortage on the availability of talent pool to maintain the system
  • Difficulty in getting a compliance from various Regulatory compliance
  • The need to embrace open architecture is increasing
  • Increased system scalability and flexibility to enable growth and leverage pay per usage basis

Arastu Systems offers the application modernization services to make your business more agile and help it scale. Our services includes,

  • Legacy Revival
  • Cloud Enablement & Migration
  • Mobile Platform Adoption
  • Application Portfolio Optimization
  • Create Big Data Pathways