ASIC Services

Complete Front-end digital services right from Architectural Development to Static Timing Analysis. Arastu co-works with customers in every stage of the frontend chip design flow.

Growing complexity of chip designs has challenged most experienced teams. The development schedule and performance vastly depend on early analysis of various IPs and its configuration. Arastu co-works with customers in every stage of the frontend chip design flow.

Arastu engineers are experienced to start from a high-level specification and take the design through the complete ASIC and FPGA implementation process. Our design team is well equipped to understand design specifications of various complexity, and take the design through the complete chip flow. We also value the need for a synergy with the Verification, Backend and Software team in order to spin out a high performance and power efficient product.

At Arastu, we can assist with,

  • Architectural Development
  • RTL Development and Integration
  • Synthesis and Static Timing Analysis
  • Verification and Validation

ASIC Verification

Verification remains the most significant bottleneck in getting advanced chips to market. We understand the significance of thoroughly verifying and hence work directly with the customer to deliver a comprehensive Verification suite. Our very skillful Verification team can plan and execute a Fully automated, Coverage driven, Random as well as Constrained stimulus generating, Flexible and Methodology based Verification Environment.

Our team possesses strong SystemVerilog and SystemC skills along with UVM and OVM knowledge. We can also adopt customer specific methodology for their legacy testbenches. In a nutshell, we have the following Verification related services to offer,

  • Customer specific VIP development
  • Functional Verification Services using SystemVerilog and SystemC
  • Coverage and Assertion based Verification to cut design flaws
  • Methodology driven verification using UVM and OVM in order to facilitate quick customization and hence reusability
  • Performance testing via SystemC Modelling
  • Fully Automated Debug trace capture and error reporting
  • Retrofitting legacy testbenches

IP Services

Growing number and complexity of IP blocks, that are being integrated into today’s SoC designs, have made the entire task arduous and challenging, especially when the IPs are unfamiliar to the team.

The success and the quality of a SoC largely depend on choosing the right set of IP blocks.

Arastu System’s team possesses the expertise and experience and can directly work with you System-level designers to help you create high quality reusable IP blocks using proven design reuse methodologies. Our engineer can contribute in,

  • Selecting and Qualifying the IP blocks based on your design specifications
  • Developing or Co-developing and Optimizing the IPs
  • Verifying the IPs using advanced verification techniques
  • Optimally Configuring and Integrating the IPs in the SoC